18 Nelson St, Moorabbin

About Us

Melbourne's Premium Cat Resort

At Sophisticat

we provide much more than a cattery experience.  Sophisticat’s suites are comfortable, roomy and full of creature comforts to ensure your cat enjoys your vacation as much as you do.

We are committed

to ensuring your peace of mind by providing our feline guests with a special holiday experience in a safe, secure and relaxed environment with caring staff who cater to their every need.

We welcome inspections

we believe Sophisticat is Melbourne’s No1 cat boarding resort, so give your cat the very best holiday experience you can. Come and see for yourself.

Why cats love Sophisticat

  • Safe, secure, superior choice
  • Melbourne’s most spacious accommodation
  • Courtyard playgrounds
  • Twice daily room service
  • Nutritious meals from a range of trusted brands
  • Daily wellness check
  • Reliable pick up and delivery
  • Caring human interaction

You can be assured that everyone on the team at Sophisticat is passionate about cats and understands the importance of providing our guests not only a safe, secure and spacious “holiday home”, but also caring human interaction.

Give them a call on 9555 1986, or come for an inspection and reserve a suite for your feline friend’s next holiday.

A walk through Sophisticat